SIGMA FP L: what’s inside the box?

By MESAGI, the


I recently received a grant and purchased my first interchangeable lens camera: the SIGMA FP L! Here’s a quick rundown of the included accessories with a few photos hastily snapped with my phone (I was excited!). So what’s inside the box?

The camera

The little gem inside is, of course, the SIGMA FP L. It comes with a cap to protect the full-frame sensor. The minimalist and compact design of the camera is striking when you unwrap it and see it in real life for the first time.

Included accessories

This is an intriguing accessory: it’s the HU-11 detachable hot shoe. You mount it on the camera’s side if you want to use a flash or other compatible accessories (like SSD holders). Even if you don’t have these needs, it’s nice that it was included as it’s sold for $130 or 139€ here in France.

Above you can see the strap holders on the left and the strap on the right. The strap feels solid but I haven’t used it yet (I’m waiting to get a lens). I’ll report back later once I’ve had some time with it.

You have a BP-51 battery included in the box. It has a capacity of 1200mAh. It’s the same battery used by the SIGMA dp Quattro Foveon cameras. The battery is quite affordable if you need spares, costing $40 in the States and just 34€ in France on the official web stores. Next to the battery, you can see the charging cable and the USB power supply which comes in two parts with the electric plugs part removable.

Other stuff included are the warranty card and the manual. The standard warranty is two years here in France. But if you register the camera on the official distributor’s website you get an additional coverage of a year. There’s a catch though: the camera has to come from the French distributor. No grey market nor even purchases from other European Union countries gives the right to this additional coverage.

More to come

I’ll share more photos of the extra accessories I had to buy and the FP L once I have the lens. Later on, you can expect my impressions and comparisons with my Ricoh GR III. Stay tuned…

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