Can You Use Your Ricoh GR III and GR IIIx in the Cold?

By MESAGI, the


It’s cold today in Paris with temperatures ranging from -4 to 4° degree Celsius. With the cold weather enlacing your place, you may wonder if you can take your GR III / GR IIIx outside. Read on.

Can the GR III and GR IIIx be used in low temperatures?

The Ricoh’s FAQ states:The operating temperature range for both the GR III and GR IIIx is 0°C to 40°C.

So, officially both of the cameras in GR III family can be used in cold weather. I used mine many times without a problem, even in slightly negative temperatures. I didn’t encounter any bugs or dysfunctions. That said, it can be another story for harder conditions like extreme cold or heavy snowfall. You may want to look at freezeproof cameras for that.

Cold temperature effects on cameras

If you go out on a photographic walk when it’s chilling your battery will drain faster than usual. Always have a spare battery to be able to shoot as long as you want. Alternatively, you can save on power consumption by turning your camera off when you’re not shooting. GR III’s DB-110 battery life not being great, I constantly have a second one in my pouch. 

Another effect of cold temperatures is the condensation that can happen inside your camera. Condensation forms when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface.

It’s supposed to happen (I’m not a science geek) when you take your cold camera inside a warm place (e.g. your home). The solution? Put your camera—and lens, if any—inside a sealable plastic bag before returning to the warmth of your home sweet home. The condensation will build up on the bag not on or inside your camera. Why? The warm, moist air won’t be in touch with your precious but cold gear. Let it slowly get to room temperature inside the plastic bag.

It’s pleasant to shoot in the cold

Just like with rainy days. There’s a lot of satisfaction to have by braving the cold and going out. Low temperatures affect the life and ambiance of a place but also your own mood. And I believe you’ll take memorable photographs during your winter walks. 

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