How to Update Your Ricoh GR III’s Firmware

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Since the releases of the GR III and GR IIIx, Ricoh keeps improving them with new firmware. Here’s how to update your little camera’s software to get the latest features.

How to update your Ricoh GR III’s firmware

1 – First thing first, check your firmware’s version. Press the Menu button on your camera, go to the Setup tab, and scroll down to Firmware Info/Options. Here you’ll see which version of the firmware your camera is running.

2 – Head to the official pages to download the latest firmware. The GR III and GR IIIx don’t use the same firmware, so be careful. Click here for the GR III firmware. You’ll find the GR IIIx firmware there. Scroll down, the download is at the bottom.

3 – The download will be a .zip file archive, the firmware is inside it and ends with the file .bin extension. Extract it. If your operating system doesn’t support Zip archives, there are free and open-source archive extractors. Don’t pay for that.

4 – Place the firmware file ending with the .bin extension in the root directory of your SD card. Root directory means directly inside the SD card, not inside a folder. You don’t need to format the card and delete all your pictures if you already used it with your camera.

5 – Insert your SD card with the firmware inside your camera. Use a fully charged battery, just in case. If your battery runs out of juice before the update process is finished, you may damage your camera.

6 – Turn on your little GR will maintaining the Menu button pressed. On the firmware update screen, select execute and press the Ok button. Do not turn your camera off while it’s updating its firmware, you may brick it!

7 – Once it’s done, turn off your camera, remove the SD card and delete the firmware file. You’re done! 🙂

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