Existing Online as an Artist: Social Networks Struggles

By MESAGI, the


You’ve to be online to be noticed by a maximum of people. Nowadays it mostly means being on social networks. Here are some important general guidelines to not lose yourself on Twitter and Co.

Being noticed online…

Being noticed. This is one of the many struggles you face when you decide to dedicate your life and your whole self to the form of art you fell in love with.

Turning to online promotion via social networks is the choice of many of us. Ads are out of reach because of their high cost and social networks give—a false impression—of an easy and direct link with people. So, most of us end up with an account on Twitter or Instagram in the hope of being noticed online.

…without betraying your inner self

Existing online through social networks, what a hell! And is that even possible to exist online while being ourselves and not fake online personae?

It’s possible, you just have to stay yourself. Stay true to your principles and values. Don’t let them be the victim of social networks algorithm. As an artist, you can’t allow yourself to risk your reputation by acting counter-sense to what your art is expressing. As a human, you can’t allow yourself to risk drowning the peculiarities of your soul in the swamp of commonness.

Be yourself

Even if it’s not always easy, be yourself online! Don’t pretend to be like others to attire sympathy and attention. Be yourself even if it doesn’t please the majority. Don’t be a liar. Don’t be a manipulator. Don’t be just a commercial proposition. Just be you.

You can’t exist through likes

A like on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platform doesn’t mean anything. Don’t take that for validation. And not getting lots of likes doesn’t mean that your posts are shit.

It’s certainly pleasant to get likes but it’s not as useful or important as people may seem to think. It’s not worth dedicating too much time and energy to chase likes. Was your purpose, the day you decided to be an artist, to get likes online? I doubt…

Reach for human hearts

Here, I’m tempting a guess. Wasn’t your purpose to reach other sensible humans with your art? Stay yourself and reach for people like you. You’ll get less light, less likes but at least you’ll reach a heart. And this is, I believe, the true purpose of art and artists: reaching a human heart.

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