Why Your Photography Needs an Outcome and Why It’s Maybe Not Social Networks

By MESAGI, the


With an outcome, your photography becomes more focused. Your creativity is also more stimulated. Read on if I got you interested.

Why social networks aren’t the ideal outcome

You may think that social networks can be the right outcome for your photographs. They’re free, easy to use and they let you reach millions of people all around the world. Let me disagree.

At the mercy of an algorithm

The first issue with social networks is their algorithms. These will determine who will get the big slices of the exposure pie and who will get only crumbs. It’s an unfair and unpredictable game. These algorithms also change from time to time. Making social platforms pretty unreliable regarding the visibility you’ll get.

Liking in the toilet

The second issue of social networks is their use cases. That is the way they’re generally used. Do you think people browsing them while being bored, looking for entertainment, or passing time in the toilet will be receptive to your art? How many will dedicate you more than a few seconds before skipping to the next post?

Don’t devaluate your art

The third issue is really important if you want to make some money with your shots. You’re devaluating your photography if you pass your time giving it for free on Instagram and Co. Sure you may get likes and maybe some exposure but is it going to feed you? This could work if your outcome is an NFT collection or photography course. But if your “products” are your shots… Picture that: you’re making donuts and people can eat them for free at will. Are these people going to value your donuts, respect you and support you financially?

How do you want your art to be experienced

Despite all I wrote above, I’m not advocating against the usage of Twitter, Instagram, and Co. I’m just saying that you may probably find a better and more interesting outcome for your shots. You should use these social platforms to show who you are, what you’re doing, and why.

One of the ways to think about the outcome of your photography is to ask yourself “how do you want people to experience your art?“. You’re the only one who can give a proper response to that. It can be books, prints, NFTs, merchandising, exhibitions, courses, or whatever you can imagine. Once you’ll know the answer, you could focus your effort to move forward that way.

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