Embrace Your Subjective Reality With Your Camera!

By MESAGI, the


You have your own subjective truth of your surrounding and the world. Embrace it with your camera and take photographs that only you can take! Read on.

Your subjective reality

There isn’t only one reality that imposes itself on all of us. I approached this subject a little bit in my blog post We’re Seeing the World Differently as Photographers. Each of us has our own reality. You also have yours!

When you’re in love, the world is beautiful. When you’re depressed, the same world turns into a gloomy place. When you’re broke it becomes distant and foreign cause you can’t participate in. This is your own personal and subjective reality. It’s the one that you don’t only see but also feel. In your heart, in your soul.

Embrace your subjective reality with your camera

You can try to stay objective and capture the world the way it seems to be. But by embracing your subjective truth, you will make your photographs unique to you. They will be special, intimate, and personal. Your shots will reflect the way you feel and will end up being little pieces of your soul.

But how to do it? There isn’t a universal technical answer to that. Just stay true to yourself. Don’t be bound by any rules you wouldn’t have imposed on yourself. Be free to shoot whatever you want the way you want.

But, is this still the truth?

Of course, it is. Your subjective reality is one of the truths. You’re not lying when you’re showing your reality. It hasn’t less merit than any others. As long as you’re not a politician, you can trust yourself and we can trust you.

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