Is monochrome mandatory for street photography?

By MESAGI, the



Do you have to shoot exclusively in black and white? Can street photography be in color? These are questions I asked myself when I was starting out. And I’m not the only one pondering about that after a quick search online.

Your art, your choices

Nothing is mandatory. We’re talking about art. It’s your art, you’re free to create what you want, the way you want it. Don’t think about going for what people or social networks may like or want. No matter what you do, there always be people who are not gonna like your photographs. So, please your own eyes.

Why I’m shooting in monochrome

I decided to shoot exclusively in black and white for multiple reasons. The first one is that I’m more sensitive to black-and-white photographs. They produce much more impact on my soul than their colorful counterparts.

Another reason is my dislike of reality as I’m seeing and experiencing it. Cold, fake, imposed… This led me to high contrast black and white cause it simplifies and alters reality quite a bit. It’s also more in sync with my feelings.

It’s about self-expression

Each of your photographs is the expression of your soul. They will reflect your personality, feelings, and the way you see the world. Going monochrome or color isn’t about following trends or norms. It’s about self-expression. Go for mono, go for color, go for both but stay true to yourself.

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