New to Street Photography? Here’s a Simple Tip to Learn and Gain Experience More Quickly

By MESAGI, the


You’re new to street photography and you’re lacking experience? Here’s a simple tip to progress and learn street photography more quickly.

Shoot a lot

There’s no lazy solution. If you want to learn street photography and gain experience you have to take your camera and go out! But there’s a simple tip that you can use to progress quickly: shoot a lot! That means taking a lot of photographs, hundreds of them every time you go out with your camera. That also means you shouldn’t limit yourself to subjects that you think people may find interesting. Instead, capture everything that attracts your eyes. And try to capture them in ways that make them intriguing, interesting, or appealing.

It works

I had this idea when I just got into street photography. It was my first camera without any prior photographic experience or training. It was obvious to me that if I wanted to accumulate practical knowledge more quickly I had to take a lot of photos. When I go out with my Ricoh GR III, I usually return home with 200-300 shots.

The benefits are really huge and come in months not years. Shooting a lot will train your eyes intensively and you’ll learn to see. You’ll also learn how to photographically approach the different subjects you’ll encounter in your city (or town). Last but not least, if you were intimidated at first, the streets will quickly become your creative playgrounds.

Don’t come back before taking hundreds of shots

If you’re new to street photography, even if it’s your first camera, you have exciting times ahead. Going out regularly and taking lots of photos of all the things that attract your eyes is fun and rewarding. Take your camera, go out, and don’t come back before taking a couple of hundreds of shots.

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