Can You Do Street Photography Without Human Subjects?

By MESAGI, the



Not everyone is comfortable pointing a camera at strangers in the streets. Not everyone can be as bold as Bruce Gilden and point a camera and a flash straight to people’s faces. So, can you do street photography without targeting human subjects? Read on. 

Yes, you can do without human subjects

I’m an opinionated guy and my personal opinion when it comes to art is that no one can impose you anything.(Read also my post: What is street photography about?) Photographing people in the streets is an interesting experience to live and share. But you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna do it. You won’t be less legit because you’re ignoring human subjects. And you can tackle this theme indirectly. 

Human subjects indirectly

Your photography can talk about people without even showing them. The building you’ll snap, for example, will say a lot about the residents living inside. It can look old and dirty and tell a story about misery. It can look elegant and chic, screaming wealth, success, and the good life. 

You have many ways to portray the locals of your city or village indirectly. Look at how and where they live. How they work. How they get fun. Where they do shopping. What they leave behind in the streets. And so on.

Do what you like

You can do street photography without taking pics of people. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it. You don’t have to. Do what you like. Go out, empty your head. And follow the whims and fancies of your soul with your camera. I’m sure when you’ll review your photos, they’ll tell stories about your place and—indirectly—its people.

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