SIGMA FP L + Voigtländer Heliar 40mm: another round of test shots

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I’ve been doing test shots for some time now with my new photography setup (FP L + Heliar lens). It helps me get a feel of the camera, the sensor, the software, and the lens. It also helps me to slowly be in harmony with my new friends. Below you’ll find my my latest impressions and test shots.

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My latest impressions about the FP L + Heliar

I wanted to try the HDR and the fill light (helps to make dark parts lighter) options this time. Well, they are both unusable in my opinion in a street photography context. When one of these options is activated, the camera takes approximately 5 seconds to process a JPEG when HDR is activated and 7 seconds when the fill light is activated. It completely kills my rhythm as I’m the kind of photographer who shoots a lot. It’s also a distraction as you have to wait for the processing to be finished to see the result.

Another thing I didn’t like: the electronic level is too obtrusive and takes too much screen estate. I wish it was smaller or that we had the choice between different kinds of electronic levels like with the GR III.

Now, a good news: the battery lasts quite long. After an hour, I had depleted approximately a third of the battery. So, I think a single battery can last me more than two hours but I’ll only be sure when I’ll start using the setup seriously and not for just test shots. So, keep that in mind.

Gallery: in the park

A big park, full of different forms is for me a good place to do test shots. So, I returned there to take new monochrome photographs. I didn’t note which aperture I used, in real conditions, it’s unlikely you’ll stop after each shot to note its number ID and aperture. But I stayed at f/5.6 and below for the test shots session below. Aperture Priority mode was used with auto ISO

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