Ricoh GR III and SIGMA FP L size comparison photos

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Like me, probably other photographers may consider a compact camera like the FP L after getting a Ricoh GR III / IIIx. Here’s a visual comparison plus a few of my humble thoughts.

Ricoh GR III and SIGMA FP L size comparison photos

The FP L is pictured below with a Rayqual LM-LA M mount adapter, the compact Voigtländer Heliar 40mm lens, and a filter under the lens hood.

The SIGMA FP L is bigger than the Ricoh GR III but it’s still a compact camera. It can easily fit in a rather small shoulder bag. In exchange for the bigger size, the FP L offers a full-frame sensor and the ability to use many different lenses.

The GR III has an advantage that may be valuable or not for you: it can be used with a single hand. I see many benefits in a camera that can be handled with just one hand: more discretion, more reactivity, and the ability to do something else with the hand, like holding an umbrella.

Regarding the weights of both cameras, the comparison is a bit harder as it’ll depend on the lens used. The FP L weighs 427 g. (including the battery), the Heliar 110 g., we are already at 537 g. without counting the mount adapter for which I haven’t found the exact weight. The GR III weighs a skinny 257 g. with the battery included. Despite the FP L weighing twice as much as the GR III, I haven’t found the SIGMA to be heavy.

Finally don’t expect much more screen real estate: there’s only 0.15″ (3,81mm) of differences between the two screens.

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