MESAGI ⚀ Artist Photographer

I show you the real Paris with my street photography

Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

I followed the waterway Canal Saint-Martin from the station Stalingrad to Saint-Ambroise. It was a long walk on the Quai de Valmy (Quay of Valmy) under the more than warm sun of Summer. But it was worth it for a street photographer.

Around Stalingrad the ambiance is pretty sad, the place is pretty broke. But as you get closer to Bastille, a wealthy place, you see the world changing… From the silent despair of those broken by an unfair destiny to the noisy happiness of those celebrating life, on a sunny day.

You can see a selection of some of my shots taken during these walks in the video below. Expect to see more in a forthcoming physical publication.

I call it faux glamour. The way Paris is represented, imagined, or fantasized. I see it in the media but not in the streets.