Quai de l’Oise & de la Marne, 75019 Paris

By MESAGI, the


These two quays are boarding the Ourcq Canal (Canal de l’Ourcq) in the 19th district of Paris. They’re at a 5 minutes walk from the métro station Corentin Cariou on the line 7.

These quays were heavily renovated these last 10 years and have gone from dirty and sad to fancy places. They’re great for a walk, especially during summer when they become much more lively.

If you take a walk along the Quai de l’Oise or Quai de la Marne, you may see tents under the bridges. These are the homes of some unfortunate souls, be respectful and compassionate.

Below you’ll find a short sneak peek video of my photos taken there.

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