My Style

The style I’m working on developing is a dark and atmospheric black and white. No glamour cause I don’t like that. No portrait neither, I like to capture human subjects from the back, the side or partially.

Raw and unadulterated

I’m also going for raw and unadulterated cause I don’t do any post-production. Not even cropping. My street photographs are created in the place and instant where they are taken. With the original vision that guided me to push the shutter button. I prefer an imperfect shot to one with makeup. But, this is my own way to be and in no way a judgment regarding post-production.

Influences and techniques

The sources of my style are on one side, my influences (see below) and, on the other other side, my dislike of reality as I’m seeing and experiencing it. Photographing in black and white is for me a way to simplify and alters reality. When you simplify reality, it also helps to capture the essence of the world instead of its noises and appearances.

I use different kind of physical filters to alter the light before it reaches my camera. My camera is my little Ricoh GR III. I mainly use the Aperture Priority (Av) mode with the zone focus technique and manual focus. I don’t use tripods.

Influences: Daido Moriyama (Records), black and white movies, music, my feelings, depression.

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