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My Style

A few sample showcasing the kind of photographs I'm taking.

A Monochrome World

My style is dark and atmospheric. Black-and-white photography is closer to my feelings, and my personality than color photography. They’re also philosophical reasons for my exclusive dedication to monochrome. Mainly my rejection of a reality imposed by the world that I refuse to consider intangible. I don’t want to be faithful to this reality. I believe we can change our reality and monochrome photography help me achieve this artistically. Without betraying, in my humble opinion, the essence of things.

Shot Directly in Black-and-White

To stay faithful to the moment I push the shutter button immersed in the atmosphere of the scene. I shoot directly in black-and-white. (And not in color with a conversion to monochrome on a PC.) Once the photograph is taken, nothing is done to improve it or correct it. Not even cropping. This unadulterated digital picture becomes my reference for other media like books.

With a Ricoh GR III

My Ricoh GR III

My camera is the famous Ricoh GR III that I use with different kinds of physical filters. Mainly in Av mode with manual focus. The GR III is compact, discreet, and doesn’t attract attention. Perfect for street photography. It also has good and configurable black-and-white modes.

The Issue With Human Subjects in France

In France, you can’t capture and distribute pictures of people where they’re identifiable without their authorization. Street photography is harder here because of this restriction. Instead of limiting my creativity to people’s will, I chose to approach human subjects differently. From the back, from the side, partially. So, I have more freedom.


My main influence is Daido Moriyama, he’s the one who got me to love black-and-white photography. I’m particularly a fan of his compilation book Records published in France. Black-and-white movies always made a big impression on me. To cite a few: In The Soup (1992) by Alexandre Rockwell, Le Feu Follet (1963) by Louis Malle, The Stranger (1946) by Orson Welles… Music and my feelings of the moment are also part of my influences.