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My Story

A Few Words About Me

I’m MESAGI (pronounce ME-SA-JI). It’s the combination of my first and last name and it sounds a bit like the French word message. I’m a self-taught street photographer and blogger from Paris, France. I grew up in Paris and I’m living here since I was a small adventurous boy in the early 90s.

How I Met Photography

It happened during the summer of ’22. After years of failures and depression. I’ve found myself broke and lost in my late 30s. What could I do if I couldn’t even get a crappy part-time job? A human being has to live for something or someone. And we have to find and pursue something that is dear to us. Or else, we may feel that we’re living in vain…
During these times, I was an NFT maker and I had developed an interest in art creation. This led to the purchase of books about drawing and photography…

Falling in Love, in Black-and-White

I don’t know if it was luck or fate. While reading one of my photography books, I saw a shot from street photography legend Daido Moriyama. It was an emotional shock! I’ve been exposed to black-and-white through the countless movies I watched. But it was the first time I ever felt so strongly about a photograph. Needless to say, I fell in love with monochrome photography! From one thing to another, I discovered street photography and developed a strong desire to study and practice it. I had finally found my calling in this dumb world! Hooray?

Bending Reality

Average people like me with no art training tend to think they have to live an average life forever. As opposed to a creative and fun one. We often give up before even trying seriously. But we can change our dull reality. We can change our lives. It only takes a sincere desire, a good chunk of willpower, and commitment. And this is what I’ve done. I took a bet and committed fully to my newfound love: street photography. I bought a Ricoh GR III, more books, and practiced. 

Change Your Reality

Yes, I had no particular skill or talent for photography. But skills can be acquired with practice. Talent can be born and blossom from experience. These shouldn’t be used as an excuse to give up. My bet paid off: my life was never as fulfilling as it is today because I focus on what I like. If you find life dull and boring, you can also change your reality. You just need to desire it, you just need willpower. And you’ve to commit to the change you want to see in your life. 

I share my love for street photography on my blog. With the goal to inspire and inform other who may also like street photography. You can read my blog here.

You can also learn more about my photography. Why exclusively in monochrome and how?

“Human life is truly a short affair. It is better to live doing the things that you like. It is foolish to live within this dream of a world seeing unpleasantness and doing only things that you do not like.”

From the Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, translated by William Scott Wilson.