My Story

It happened during the summer of ’22. After years of failures and depression. I was broke, lost, and didn’t know what to do with my life. What a man in his late 30s, who couldn’t even get a crappy part-time job, could do?

At this time, I was a rookie NFTs maker, and I had developed a taste for art creation. I decided to buy books and study the making of art instead of stressing about the future. First, about drawing. Then, about photography.

This is what I wanna do!

It was on a beautiful day in June ’22 that something I didn’t expect happened to me. Flipping through the pages of one of my books, I saw a shot by street photography legend Daido Moriyama. Portraying a woman in a white dress, walking barefoot above debris in the dark. It was an emotional shock! I was both mesmerized and excited!

How strange, now that I’m reminiscing. I’ve found excitement on a piece of paper where colors were dead. I started to dig into street photography. It quickly became clear to me: this is what I wanna do!

But can I do it?

But can I do it? I’m just an average guy who’s never succeeded in anything. Plus, I never had a camera… The only way to know it, it’s to do it. We will never get anything from life by giving up before even trying.

A month later I had a Ricoh GR III in my hands.

My first camera

My first time with the manual focus was a bit frustrating. The first time I got my camera out of my small bag in a public place, it felt awkward. But, after a few training sessions outside, I was completely into it.

With the GR III in my hands, I had this peaceful feeling, my head completely empty without any worries. I don’t know if ever experienced a calm and silky mental state like that while being sober. But I knew I had finally found my calling: street photography. And I decided to dedicate myself fully to it.

Thank you!

After months of training in the grey streets of Paris, I launched this website in February ’23. And here I am today, sharing with you my dark and atmospheric shots. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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