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Blog articles on psychology and street photography. A surprising but important subject for street photography but also for our lives.

  • How to Deal With Your Lack of Motivation and Move Forward?

    I’m writing this blog post drawing from my own experience. The lack of motivation is a problem I’m facing occasionally like many of us. No matter what you want—becoming a photographer, making a radical change to your life, pursuing a dream—you need motivation. I’m explaining to you why you may not be motivated and how…

  • How Street Photography Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

    Street photography has had a huge positive impact on my mental health. In this blog post, I’m sharing with you—from my personal experience—how street photography can be good for your mental health. Read this even if you don’t have a camera.

  • Social anxiety? Introvert? How to get over the fear of holding your camera in public!

    Holding a camera in public and shooting around can be fearful and stressful. Having social anxiety or being an introvert doesn’t help either. I’ve been there… Here’s a method that worked really well for me. It will help you to get over your fear of holding a camera in public.