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Creativity and Style

Dropping my blog posts here about creativity and style in street photography.

  • Embrace Your Subjective Reality With Your Camera!

    You have your own subjective truth of your surrounding and the world. Embrace it with your camera and take photographs that only you can take! Read on.

  • We’re Seeing the World Differently as Photographers

    Last week, I went to the big park near my house to test new settings for my GR III. While I was shooting everything that attracted my eyes, I had an encounter with a fool. It was disagreeable but it made me realize that we’re seeing the world quite differently as photographers.

  • Can You Do Street Photography Without Human Subjects?

    Not everyone is comfortable pointing a camera at strangers in the streets. Not everyone can be as bold as Bruce Gilden and point a camera and a flash straight to people’s faces. So, can you do street photography without targeting human subjects? Read on. 

  • What Is Street Photography About? A Personal Answer.

    What is street photography about? The answer isn’t as obvious as it may seem to be. It’s not just about streets, of course. The answer will be personal and unique to each street photographer. Read on.

  • Is monochrome mandatory for street photography?

    Do you have to shoot exclusively in black and white? Can street photography be in color? These are questions I asked myself when I was starting out. And I’m not the only one pondering about that after a quick search online.