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  • High ISO?

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I was very busy with my first book and personal stuffs. Now that my book has been finalized and sent to the printer I can focus on other things. One of those is a visual style I had on my mind for many months.

    I’m still in the preliminary works phase. On Sunday, I’ve been in the park do take some shots at high ISO with my FP L and Voigtländer Heliar 40mm. Here’s one photograph taken at 25600 ISO. Notice how beautiful is the background blur. I know the usual way is to get the ISO as low as possible to reduce noise but I like to be free to do what I want. Stay tuned to see where it’s gonna lead me…

  • Closed path

    I’m still into preliminary works for my second art project (a book). I’m trying to get a particular monochrome tone to convey some of my feelings. I feel I’m getting close… Patience and persistence can pay off…

    Today, I’ve visited an old Parisian railroad from the 19th century. It’s no longer in use since 1934. It was converted to a pleasant, green promenade. But what attracted my eyes the most was this closed passage with the shiny and beefy chain. It probably resonated more with my feelings than the calmness of the different shades of green. 

  • Preliminary works

    In an earlier entry, I was talking about doing the preliminary works for my second art project (a book). The goal is to find the right black-and-white tone for this project. This is my main focus since a couple of weeks.

    Recently I’ve been to the Parc de la Villette in the 19th district of Paris in the hope of making a few steps ahead. You can see one of my favorite photograph of the session. It represents La Géode, a dome that holds a theatre inside. You can learn more about the construction here.

My Art Projects

Art Project #1

Status: working on it right now!

A big, beautiful black-and-white book about Paris pictured in a personal, human, and often emotional, manner. This will be different from the glamour clichés you’re used to when it comes to Paris.

Random Anecdotes About Me

This is one of the most amusing encounters I’ve had during my street photography sessions. A guy drinking with his buddy. He called me and apparently, he was stressed that I’d taken a photograph of him drinking. He thought that I may be a Youtuber and he was afraid his wife may discover he was drinking. I reassured him but I guess his wife probably smelled the beer in his breath…

My Latest Blog Posts

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