Paris Street Photography Experience

Watch this! Sneak peek of my latest shots straight from Paris. Updated: 010423

Experience Paris in a completely different way through my raw and unadulterated street photography shots. No post-production, no photoshop. Experience authentic black-and-white photographs, straight from the streets of Paris, the way they were taken.

An introduction to my monochrome world

I’m just an average guy. I’ve never had any art training. I have no special talent or skills. Like you, I have to struggle hard and never give up to get anything from this life.

I fell in love with street photography. It gave meaning to my dull life and became the subject of my struggles. So much so that I decided to dedicate myself full-time and launched this website.

My goals with this website are simple.
Reaching people all around the world with my dark and atmospheric monochrome shots.
Sharing my love for street photography through my blog.
Showing people that instead of being prisoner of a job they don’t like, it’s possible. Indeed, it’s possible to pursue your passion even if you’re an average person like me.