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  • FP L + Heliar: test shot

    Things are going pretty slow these last months. It’s not a lack of motivation, nor a lack of imagination. It’s simply a lack of energy, some personal stuffs are draining me. You can see my mood on the photograph next to my words.

    I’ve been able to test my SIGMA FP L and my Voigtländer Heliar 40mm 5-10 minutes in the park, before going to an appointment. Here’s one of the few shots I’ve taken. I’ll post the others in a dedicated a blog post. Shot snapped at f/4 (I’ll explain this choice later on) with the Av mode.

  • a little teaser

    Here’s a little teaser: the Voigtländer Heliar 40mm f/2.8 mounted on the Rayqual M mount adapter. More pictures and my first impressions in the coming days. Right now, I’m trying to get familiar with the feel of the camera and lens but also with the FP L’s software. I can say the feeling is really different from the Ricoh GR III.

  • Setup complete

    After more than a month of waiting, I now have everything I need for my Sigma FP L + Voigtländer Heliar 40mm setup! Now the first thing I’m going to do will be to print a depth of field table for the Heliar and memorize it cause it’s going to be a purely manual experience. The second thing will be to peruse the SIGMA FP L menu map PDF to get used to the new software more quickly. You can expect photos of the gear and my impressions next week.

    You can see on the left (from the top): a Marumi 34mm UV filter, a Rayqual L-M mount adapter, the Heliar in M mount. The memory card is a 32GB Lexar Gold 2000x.

My Art Projects

Art Project #1

Status: working on it right now!

A big, beautiful black-and-white book about Paris pictured in a personal, human, and often emotional, manner. This will be different from the glamour clichés you’re used to when it comes to Paris.

Random Anecdotes About Me

The first time I went out to take photographs under the rain, I ended up completely soaked despite my umbrella. You can guess the outcome: I was sick for weeks… Not a great first-time experience but I kept on braving the rain with my camera.

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