MESAGI ⚀ Artist Photographer

I show you the real Paris with my street photography


The first beta of the new version of my website is now live! It brings numerous improvements: a wider and more beautiful design, fonts are easier to read, a gallery page, a dedicated blog page…

A second beta will add multi-language support and a French language version. A third beta will add an online shop later this year. Please refresh your browser if you’re still seeing the old version. You’re welcome to report any bug to mail at Thank you!


I’m MESAGI, a self-taught artist-photographer based in Paris, France. During the summer, I unexpectedly fell in love with black-and-white photography. I quickly bought my first camera and started practicing street photography. The camera in my hand, the happiness and mental peace I was feeling made me realize that I had found my calling.

Parisian for more than three decades, my purpose is to show you the real Paris with my street photography. The one I see in the streets, with both its scars and smiles.

My photographic style is dark and atmospheric. I shoot directly in black and white to be faithful to the moment when I’m immersed in the scene. To the atmosphere enveloping me. To the feelings beating inside me.