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  • My 1st lens

    Recently I had the pleasure to show you my first interchangeable lens camera: the SIGMA FP L. I just received my first lens: the Voigtländer Heliar 40mm f/2.8 Aspherical (VM mount). You can see two shots hastily taken with my phone (I was so excited).

    You can see how small this lens is! I believe the combo SIGMA FP L + Heliar 40mm is going to be awesome for street photography. I’m so impatient to try the combo, but I have to finish the final prototype of my book and and it to the printer. Plus other problems to deal with. You can expect to see and read more in the coming weeks.

  • My new camera

    I present you my new camera: the SIGMA FP L! It’s bigger than my GR III but it’s still pretty compact for a full-frame camera. I don’t have a lens yet (money is tight) so it’s a bit frustrating cause I’m dying to try it… More feedbacks and photos once I have the little lens I have set my eyes on.

  • Received a grant

    I love my GR III but for months I’ve been longing for an interchangeable lens camera (ILC)… I’m fantasizing about using manual lenses on a full-frame body and wondering: “How does it feel?“. Sadly, it was out of my reach financially. This is why I asked for a grant, as an artist-photographer, from the Paris City Hall. I can’t believe it: the grant was approved to help me get an ILC! I’m honored and thankful for this valuable, and unexpected, support! This patronage obliges me, and I will keep on holding to my calling to give life to my artistic fantasies (starting with a book). Can you guess which compact body I’m going to get? Hint: the brand starts with an “S”…

My Art Projects

Art Project #1

Status: working on it right now!

A big, beautiful black-and-white book about Paris pictured in a personal, human, and often emotional, manner. This will be different from the glamour clichés you’re used to when it comes to Paris.

Random Anecdotes About Me

I don’t edit or photoshop my photographs. They are all straight-out-of-my-camera. That is, they are created in the moment with my camera without further editing. I like to live photography this way. I want my shots to be faithful to the moment when my being, material and immaterial, is fully immersed in the atmosphere of the scene. Read how I take my photographs.

My Latest Blog Posts

  • These past months, I have been feeling down. I had this deep feeling of dissatisfaction about everything: my photography, my life… No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t find why I was feeling so unsatisfied. I was helpless till I started to realize the source of my torments. Desireless You can assume…

  • I recently received a grant and purchased my first interchangeable lens camera: the SIGMA FP L! Here’s a quick rundown of the included accessories with a few photos hastily snapped with my phone (I was excited!). So what’s inside the box? The camera The little gem inside is, of course, the SIGMA FP L. It…

  • It’s cold today in Paris with temperatures ranging from -4 to 4° degree Celsius. With the cold weather enlacing your place, you may wonder if you can take your GR III / GR IIIx outside. Read on. Can the GR III and GR IIIx be used in low temperatures? The Ricoh’s FAQ states: “The operating…