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  • Meditative walk

    I participated in a meditative walk in the 18th district around Métro Abbesses (not far away from Pigalle) with a group of people last week. It’s an amazing place full of history, we’ve seen the house of French Diva Dalida and many other things related to famous writers and so on. Be sure to go there if you visit Paris one day. 

    Going out with a group of people was very instructive. First, as you have to adapt to the group’s pace I felt it was preventing me from fully focusing on photography. The verbal interactions with the group’s members were also a source of distraction. It reinforced my feeling that I need to be alone with my camera to take my time, at my own pace and to completely abandon myself to photography.

  • Still testing my setup

    I spent the last week working on a new design for my website. Fortunately, I had the energy to go out on Saturday for a walk in the park to take new test shots with my FP L and Heliar 40mm. I’m impatient to start using this setup seriously but let’s take the time to be in harmony with the gear (and the software). Expect more in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned.

    Update: see SIGMA FP L + Voigtländer Heliar 40mm: another round of test shots

  • More test shots

    Sometimes, my state of mind swings between motivation and resignation. I call this state being between heaven and hell. It’s the French title of a beautiful movie (don’t read the synopsis, just watch it). 

    I received very kind messages from artists all around the world. The kindness of their words touched me and helped me so much by keeping me motivated. I would like to publicly thank them, they’ll recognize themselves. 🙂

    Today I’ve been out with my FP L and Heliar to do more test shots. I lowered the contrast of the monochrome mode. I’ve set the ISO to 800, to evaluate the noise (it stays quite low in black-and-white). I stayed at f/5.6 and below. I’ll share a few more shots in a dedicated post. Update: here they are!

My Art Projects

Art Project #1

Status: working on it right now!

A big, beautiful black-and-white book about Paris pictured in a personal, human, and often emotional, manner. This will be different from the glamour clichés you’re used to when it comes to Paris.

Random Anecdotes About Me

My Ricoh GR III was my first camera. Before getting it, I didn’t had any experience with photography. Nor did I know how to use a camera. It was exciting! I had jumped into an unknown wonderful world and I had to discover everything myself. Read how I met photography.

My Latest Blog Posts

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  • I’ve been doing test shots for some time now with my new photography setup (FP L + Heliar lens). It helps me get a feel of the camera, the sensor, the software, and the lens. It also helps me to slowly be in harmony with my new friends. Below you’ll find my my latest impressions and test shots. You can see my…

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